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Motorized Drapes

Motorization elevates the traditional elegance of drapery with the functionality of blinds. 

Almost any fabric and colour we offer at Express Blinds is available motorized. Motorizing your drapes enhances their graceful motion as you unveil views to the outdoors or close them for privacy. 

The advanced settings of motorized blinds allow you to automate your drapes to draw and close according to the schedule you set, improving the energy-efficiency of your home. This allows for a reduction in energy consumption, costs and an increase in light and temperature control. 

Instant convenience, security, and privacy at the push of a button.


Motorized Drapes Features and Benefits:

Operate your drapes in style all with the touch of a button; from the master bedroom all the way to the home-theatre.

  • Energy-Efficient: Maximum temperature control year round for reduced energy consumption.
  • Sun-Safe: Schedule the drapes to draw during the sunniest parts of the day to protect furniture and electronics from fading, overheating or enduring damage.
  • Secure: Enhance your home or business security, making it look like someone is always home.
  • Automated: Automation allows drapes to lower at night and raise gradually during your most ideal hour. Improve your sleep and wake up with natural light. 
  • Valuable: Motorization adds significant value to your home by being an attractive selling point for homebuyers.
  • Inclusive: Ideal for people with busy lifestyles, mobility challenges or families with children and pets.
Motorized Drapes


With Your Home in Mind

At Express blinds, we offer three motorization options designed to last and engineered for smooth, quiet operation.

  • Battery-Operated: Fast, efficient installation with no additional wiring or cables. Low voltage of 12-24 uses battery which can be rechargeable with grid, or reloaded with new batteries.
  • Hardwired: Seamless and full integration with any home automation system. High voltage of 120 connects directly to the grid.
  • Solar-Powered: Eco-friendly and cost-effective with no electrical wiring. Control options include small remote, timers, sensors and wireless switches. Low voltage of 12-24.

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