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How to Enhance Your Home with Child-Safe Window Treatments

by | Oct 25, 2020

When a baby is introduced into the family, you’re likely not yet thinking about child-proofing your home with child-safe window treatments. As your child grows up to be a toddler, however, it becomes increasingly more important to make sure your home is child-proofed to the T, from bathroom cabinets and kitchen drawers to cordless window treatments and protective stair railings.

We have a variety of child-safe window treatments so you can play it safe as your child begins to discover the world around them.

Why Are They Important?

Children are naturally curious and if they see red buttons they can press or cords they can pull, you can bet they will. Window treatments with cords and wands are a leading suffocation hazard in homes, making it especially important that your family takes the right steps in eliminating such dangers.

Child & Pet-Safe Window Treatments

The classic horizontal-slat window blind is a longtime favourite with incredible durability, affordability and versatility. At Express, we now offer a range of cordless lift window blinds and shades that make it easy for you to operate your window treatments without worrying that your child will grab hold of the cord. These state-of-the-art window coverings put safety first with their precision-engineering and expertly manufactured standard, helping to ensure the safety and protection of children and pets. They are affordable, stylish and economical, making it easy to dress your windows up or down while having optimal light and privacy control.

Faux Wood Blinds

We love cordless lift faux wood blinds as they offer the appeal of real wood blinds without any of the upkeep. They are budget-friendly, easy to clean and maintain, and are made from a polymer material that withstands high humidity in places like the kitchen and bathroom.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades) also offer enhanced child and pet-safety, being available in a variety of options. They can be ordered and installed with a cordless lift, allowing you to control whether you draw them from the top or bottom, as well as motorized. The motorized options are fantastic for hands-free operation from anywhere in the house, as well as outside of it.

Looking for a way to make your home a safe space for your pets and children? Get in touch with us to schedule an in-home consultation so our experts can give you the best advice. We would be happy to help you make an informed decision regarding child-safe window treatments.

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