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Custom Solutions for Skylight Window Blinds & Shades

by | Sep 25, 2020

Skylights are like little portals to the sky, offering your family incredible views to the stars. While they really are fantastic, it’s easy for light and heat to leak through, making your home uncomfortably warm, cold or bright.

A custom solution for skylight window blinds is ideal to turn your home into a calm, cool and comfortable oasis. It ensures maximum light and temperature control for those hard-to-reach skylight windows.

Ready to customize your very own skylights? Get in touch with us! We’d love to have you in our showroom or provide you with a consultation in-home.

So, which window coverings are the most ideal for skylights?

Honeycomb & Cellular Blinds for Maximized Energy-Efficiency

Even if all of your windows are equipped with the most modern and energy-efficient blinds, if your skylights are bare, heat and cool temperatures are bound to escape.

Our most sought-after and popular skylight solution is the honeycomb or cellular blind. It’s air pockets provide ample insulation, protecting your home from outdoor heat or cold, and helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. They also insulate from loud outside noise, helping to create a quiet oasis.

Their biggest advantage is that their state-of-the-art energy-efficiency reduce your energy consumption, therefore, reducing your energy bills. An environmentally and budget-friendly home that works for you.

Motorization for Convenient, Hands-Free Operation

Skylights are often placed high up in ceilings, making quick and easy operation a difficult task. Motorization takes away the inconvenience of climbing on ladders just to open or close your blinds. No more worrying about UV light fading your furniture, overheating your electronics or causing damage to your most prized possessions.

Control them with the click of a button from anywhere in the house or from your smart phone’s app, anytime, anywhere.

Blackout Blinds or Shades for The Very Best in Light-Control

We offer a wide range of opacity levels, from light-filtering fabrics that allow light to softly illuminate your home with a warm glow, to room-darkening options perfect for glare-free movie night. If you prefer to have the ability to completely blackout your home at all hours of the day, however, our blackout blinds and shades are ideal.

Blackout options provide additional insulation from noise and help to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

if you’re interested in getting started with custom skylight window blinds, get in touch with our team at Express.