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The Key to Turning Your Home into a Cool, Quiet Oasis – Blinds Vancouver

by | Jul 8, 2020

Your home is the place in which you spend the most time, making it fundamental to your mental health and wellbeing for it to be comfortable and relaxing. It should feel like home, the space which provides calming refuge at the end of the day and helps melt away stress. While decor and furniture can most certainly provide that, the power of shades and blinds Vancouver in creating ambience is often underestimated.

There are a variety of ways to do this, whether via lighting, the perfect window treatment with luxury blinds or little moments of joy carefully scattered throughout the home.

How The Right Window Covering Can Change Your Day-to-Day Life

The right window covering makes a big difference and can completely transform the way a home looks, feels and performs.

Our wide selection of blinds, shades and drapes at Express Blinds are hand-selected. We source our window coverings from world-leading brands, dealing directly with the manufacturers so you can benefit from savings of up to 50% off.

  1. Visually, your window coverings should bring you joy and reflect your personal style and taste. Whether sleek, minimal and understated or elaborate, ornate and detailed, we have a wide variety to choose from.
  2. The way your home feels is largely dependent on the window treatments you choose. An energy-efficient option will keep your home cool and comfortable during the summer, keeping heat and the sun’s rays out, while retaining heat and keeping the indoors warm during cold winters.
  3. When it comes to performance, an energy-efficient, UV-light-blocking and light-controlled room will bring you all the modern comforts of the latest blinds technology.

The Benefits of the Perfect Shades, Drapes or Blinds Vancouver

  • UV-Protection: Getting light-filtering blinds, shades or drapes will protect your furniture, flooring, artwork, electronics and other valuables from the damaging, hot rays of the sun. No more worries about fading, burning or overheating.
  • Energy-Efficiency: The perfect covering will provide ample energy-efficiency so you can cut down energy consumption, lower your monthly energy bill and help your home perform at its highest potential. Our honeycomb or cellular shades are our most popular energy-efficient options.
  • Automation: Enjoy the benefits of blinds Vancouver that work with outdoor and indoor temperatures to self-adjust for the most comfortable environment.
  • Motorization: Schedule your motorized blinds or shades to lower or open according to the schedules you set. Motorization is also a fantastic way to make your home more safe for children and pets. Enjoy operation with the single touch of a button, or adjust your coverings from anywhere in the house.
  • Child-Safety: No dangerous cords or chains. The key to a family-friendly, functional and safe home is window treatments that are hazard-free.

Special, Nostalgic Pieces

No home is complete without special, nostalgic pieces that light it up with life and memories. Include pictures with family and friends, family heirlooms or art that you love for a house that truly feels like a home.

The Right Ambiance

A functional and visually aesthetic window treatment will do plenty to completely transform the ambience of your home. You can choose from a wide variety of light-filtering options with varying opacities. Select a sheer shade that gently filters fills your rooms with soft light without compromising on privacy, or select a room-darkening option for a comfortable space that’s perfect for relaxing or watching a movie.

A Resonant Colour Palette

A colour palette that resonates with your unique taste and personality will create an atmosphere that you’ll look forward to coming home to. It can provide colour therapy, and depending on the colours you choose, it can either energize or relax you. While light colours provide a sense of openness and airiness, darker colours provide a different kind of comfort. Whether the colour of your walls or the colour of your window treatments, don’t overlook this important step.

A Variety of Textures

From rustic weaves of bamboo, natural materials and richly-textured fabrics to sleek, modern blinds and shades, playing with texture can go a long way. You can also integrate visual variety through the use of fluffy pillows, area rugs and blankets.

If you’re on the market for high-quality, affordable shades, drapes or blinds Vancouver, get in touch with us. we would love to offer you an in-home consultation and guide you towards making the right decision for the home of your dreams.